BS tech

We’re a software company specialized in the development and implementation of software solutions that improve business processes, save resources and significantly improve efficiency. Our team with years of experience provides a high quality of solutions that help the clients standardize and automate their business, simplifying the control over processes and providing a lasting competitive edge.The solutions we offer are flexible which means that they can be adjusted to your specific needs, regardless of whether it’s for a company, small or medium enterprise, if you offer products or services, or if you work at a client’s request. You can count on our support during and after the implementation of the business solutions.

What we offer

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    Website Development, eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing, Logo Design and Branding, SEO Optimization, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Quality Assurance

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    PHP, Ruby on Rails, React, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, Ionic Framework, PhoneGap, LESS, SASS, Bootsrtap, WordPress, jQuery UI, mySQL

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